About Made with Blue design blog

madewithblue_marta_profileMade with Blue is a blog about interior design, home decorating, and architecture. I share insights and inspiration with savvy and curious design enthusiasts who are looking to grow their knowledge and experiment with design and style in their homes. I have a passion for uncovering the how and why of good design and hope you will join me on this adventure.

My name is Marta and I am a creative director and designer living in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and toddler son. I studied graphic design and illustration in college before pursuing a professional path in visual communications and interactive design as a producer. My passion for design has always been an equal balance of left and right brain stuff. Days filled with analyzing design challenges, evaluating options, and strategic planning mixed with hours of fun playing with colours, or sourcing fabrics are my kind of nirvana. Made with Blue is a space where I explore ideas related to both the yin and yang of home design in hopes of giving you the tools and inspiration to pursue your own journey into this domain.

I believe that being creative in your home means being intentional about what we add, or remove, where we place it, and how we style it. But all these choices aren’t always easy or obvious. Minimalist, bohemian, or traditional – regardless of our personal style our homes should function and ‘speak’ in a way that reflects our lifestyle and values. By observing the work of others we can learn new ways of looking at our own homes. By using this inspiration and learning to experiment in our space we get closer to making it a reflection of our personal vision.

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What do you do as a Creative Director?
I am a thinker and ideas person that brings together the skills of a researcher, planner/strategist and designer. I do research, summarize my discoveries, then transform them into an actionable idea, or vision, for a new endeavour. In a nutshell, this way of looking at the world combined with a mild obsession for interior design inspired Made with Blue.

How would you describe your style?
I most often choose mid-century modern and west coast casual or bohemian styles. I am also experimenting with adding more classic and edgy design elements to my home and wardrobe. I see the latter two as almost opposing forces and enjoy the challenge of making it all work together.

What is your ideal time to work, morning or night?
Definitely night! My son is an early riser so I have been practising putting myself to bed early so I can be ready to start the day once he’s up and have the mental energy to work on Made with Blue while he naps. Nevertheless, early mornings mean lots of strong dark coffee!

What is your favourite way to unwind?
Glass of red wine, good show or design magazine, preferably somewhere outdoors.

Do you prefer life in the city or country?
Both! I long for being outside and away from the hustle of city life so I can slow down, relax, and think about new ideas. Yet it’s the city where I often find inspiration in the work of artists and designers and everyday life encounters.

You wish you knew how to …?
Speak more languages. I am fluent in English and Polish, and can manage a little Spanish and French. Becoming fluent in Spanish and travelling more through Central and South America are definitely on my bucket list.